My list of Kadence Child Themes authors for your inspiration

Kadence Theme is becoming more and more popular because of its multitude of options and a rapidly growing ecosystem of plugins that extend the theme’s capabilities. It is also a good base for creating a child theme – a lot of options in Customizer, header, and footer builder or advanced layout settings in posts and pages are just a few advantages of using this theme. You don’t have to think about advanced customization options and to create the basics all over again – you can focus on building your own solution. 

Kadence Cloud’s popularity continues to soar, especially as part of its premium package. This feature enables users to effortlessly share pre-designed sections and page templates with one another.

In this article, I would like to systematically expand the list of free and paid child themes and ready-made block libraries based on Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks.

Paloma Theme – The Design Space

The company specializes in ready-made solutions for creative entrepreneurs. It has over a dozen themes in its portfolio. Most of them are based on Divi and Elementor.

There is currently one theme based on Cadence Blocks. Paloma theme proves that Kadence solutions can compete with other page builders. 

Paloma is a personality-packed and elegant theme with fun design elements and stunning typography. It includes custom theme builder templates, which allow you to style all of your blogs, course, and storage areas to perfection.


Brand & Build – Michelle Nunan

In this shop you will find both Kadence child themes and Design Library with predefined sections (free and premium) Michelle Nunan specializes in femine WordPress themes dedicated to trainers and creative people


Her Creative Details – Roberta

Catalog of high quality Kadence descendant themes Designed mainly for creative entrepreneurs who run a business or store.

Her Creative Details operates as a design studio and shop, primarily dedicated to assisting creative entrepreneurs in discovering the ideal simple, feminine, and minimalist designs that resonate with their unique style.


Restored 316

In the author’s catalog, we can find as many as 18+ Kadence child motifs; they are characterized by design maintained in pastel, brown colors, focus on details, and accuracy of workmanship. The author emphasizes that the solutions are dedicated to ladies. Still, of course, we have full color and font changing capabilities here, allowing us to adapt to any theme.


These are my original solutions. At the moment, I have created 2+ themes based on Kadence Themes. The first theme is Blockfold – dedicated to small magazines and blogs. The second one – Blockfolio – a theme dedicated to photography portfolios. The latest theme is Canvi dedicated to marketing agencies and product pages.I use free solutions in all themes – Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks, extending them with additional functionalities such as other options, new block variants, or predefined sections. 


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