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Home Page

The home page of each demo is built using Kadence Blocks.

Sections are created using Kadence Row

Lists / columns with articles are created using Kadence Posts block. By configuring this block, you can influence what content will be displayed in a specific section (category, article date)

You can customize the layout settings to make the articles visually appealing and responsive. Under the “Layout” panel you can set separatly the number of columns for all devices.

Key Features

  • Flexible Layouts: Choose from a variety of layout options to display your posts.
  • Customizable Design: Control the appearance of your post listings with extensive styling options.
  • Query Options: Specify the posts you want to display with customizable query settings.
  • Pagination: Add pagination to your post listings for a better user experience.
  • Advanced Display Options: Enable or disable various post elements, such as featured images, post titles, and more.

Configuration Options

  • Layout: Choose the layout style for your posts.
  • Query Settings: Define which posts to display based on categories, tags, or other parameters.
  • Design Settings: Customize the appearance of your post listings, including colors, typography, and spacing.
  • Pagination: Configure how pagination is displayed.
  • Excerpt Length: Set the length of post excerpts.
  • More Settings: Explore additional options to fine-tune your post display.

Display Settings

  • Featured Image: Control the visibility of featured images.
  • Post Title: Choose whether to display post titles.
  • Post Meta: Show or hide post metadata such as author, date, and categories.
  • Read More Button: Enable a “Read More” button for each post.
  • Custom Templates: Utilize custom templates for more advanced design control.

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