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Blockfold is integrated with Visual Portfolio plugin. It lets you create beautiful portfolio layouts and image galleries. Visually create and edit Gutenberg block to show portfolio or any custom post types using Masonry, Justified, Tiles, Grid or Carousel layouts.

Portfolio Items

Visual Portfolio just creates the Portfolio post type. To create new Portfolio Items you should navigate to Admin Menu -> Visual Portfolio -> Portfolio Items. You can add a new item by clicking on the Add New button.

Portfolio post may contain many default settings, which you can find in the Portfolio Item tab:

  • Post Title
  • Post Content
  • Post Format
  • Publish Date
  • Featured Image
  • Categories
  • Tags

Blockfold also allows you to control settings inherited from Kadence Theme for each Portfolio Item Post on your site which allows you to make custom posts layouts with no header or a boxed page with a sidebar.

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